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My name Is Francesca Larsen, (Fran) owner of evolveU Beauty and Yoga Business.

I am pleased you have come onto my webpage to step into and explore Evolve U beauty clinic online. 

EvolveU beauty Clinic began in 2009 and has flourished & grown becoming a well established clinic Cambridge. EvolveU yoga began in 2012, with yoga classes running throughout the week.

I am passionate about helping women achieve beauty solutions and have a unique focus to my clinic as I specialise is natural appearance medicine. I have been involved in the New Zealand beauty industry since I qualified in 1992.



I have a loyal client base and the skills and expertise to deliver beautiful results every time. I am fully qualified in the following :

  • Beauty therapist.
  • Aromatherapist,
  • Yoga Instructor
  • Permanent make up artist
  • Dermapen Practitioner
  • Facial Enhancement with Acupuncture

Please do contact me to book or to just discuss your beauty needs.

I look forward to being part of your journey.



"I leave every treatment feeling floaty – which is an amazing feeling!"

"I have been getting facial acupuncture from Fran for over a year now.  I love both the process and the results. Fran has used her skills to target some deep lines that I had on my upper lip and around my eyebrow area.  These lines are now noticeably less – in fact the wrinkles on my upper lip have disappeared!  I enjoy the acupuncture process– Fran has great skills in knowing exactly where to place the needles so that they don’t hurt at all.  I have also recently added the Derma-pen treatments and will continue to get a cycle of treatments once a year.  Again this experience didn’t hurt at all! I found it akin to using an electric razor.  I could see a noticeable difference in my skin tone and texture within 2 days! It evened out my pigmentation and plumped up my skin.

Fran is also a qualified aromatherapist and any treatment has the added bonus of her perfectly blended oils diffusing around you – she has an uncanny ability to always know exactly what oils will benefit me on any given day.  I leave every treatment feeling floaty – which is an amazing feeling! I highly recommend Fran! "

Kerry Cramond

"I come away every Monday evening ready for the week ahead"

" I have been going to the gorgeous Fran for years my facial treatments. I like the fact that all products are organic and the treatments are targeted for my skin needs at the time, I love the personal approach.

I have also been going to Fran for yoga for the last two years. It is my weekly time out and so important for my mental and physical health, I come away every Monday evening ready for the week ahead. Frans approach is relaxed and the yin mixed with abit of flow is just what you need to start the week or after a busy weekend. Love it."

Helen MacKenzie

"From my first appointment, I felt at ease, in good and skillful hands."

 At 66, after many years of an outdoor lifestyle and relative neglect, I felt much in need of some good quality help for my skin and self image.  A friend recommended Fran (at Evolveu).  

From my first appointment, I felt at ease, in good and skillful hands. Fran explained facial acupuncture and suggested that would be a good form of treatment to start with, for me.  Within weeks the effects of this treatment were noticeable ... my partner and daughter, both accomplished critics, agreed.

Over the last year, I've continued regular facial acupuncture treatments, interspersed with the occasional facial massage, using very good quality natural products.  Both these forms of treatment have been remarkable in their effects, on how I look and feel. The benefits have been cumulative ... for my face, from dry, wrinkled and dehydrated looking skin;  to smoother, stronger, younger, healthier looking skin. And for my general sense of well being ... I feel a lot more relaxed and at ease, and more buoyant in spirit.

Fran's thoughtful attention to detail has made a significant difference in my life.  Whatever your age, if you feel the need for some beauty therapy, I recommend Fran @ Evolveu.

Louise Armstrong


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